Top 10 Best Drones to Buy Complete Guide And Review

From just a techie hobbyist concept to a sophisticated, professional photography and videography gadget, drones have transformed a lot within just a few years. Drones are flying everywhere now and available in almost any shape, size or setting you to need. The market is full of drones these days.

Top 10 Best Drones to Buy Complete Guide And Review

To help you narrow down absolutely large and ever-changing domain of consumer UAVs, we’ve put together a complete list of best drones in the world these days. Without doing anything further, let’s have a look at these camera gadgets.

  1. DJI Mavic Pro – Professional Drone with High Price

DJI Mavic Pro – Professional Drone with High Price

DJI’s Mavic Pro is simply the first choice of every UAV geek and a reliable, portable, and light drone which folds in a small pack. It flies for up to 4 miles for 27 minutes, avoids obstacles, shoots sharp 4K video from auto-focus, stabilized camera and lands automatically at the same place where it took off.

DJI Mavic is a lot smaller than Phantom 4 Pro and video quality is good overall. It is also calm in the air, especially when it is used with new Low Noise props. You can also fly it over Wi-Fi through an Android or iOS smartphone. It has dedicated pocket-sized controllers for better control and huge distance for around four miles and integrated smartphone holder. All you need to connect your phone to the holder and open the DJI Go 4 app and watch live HD streaming in a lot of flight parameters.

In addition, gesture control also takes selfies and makes it follow you just by waving arms in the air and making strange signs with hands.

  1. DJI Spark – Designed for Selfie Lovers

DJI Spark – Designed for Selfie Lovers

The latest entry in DJI, Spark is around half the Mavic’s weight but it is much smaller. But the propeller arms are not foldable and it doesn’t fit in your jacket’s pocket like Mavic. The air-snap gizmo robot is portable and it is the smartest selfie drone ever.

The Spark has front obstacle avoider and it is steady when it is flown outdoors or indoors. The camera shoots 12MP pictures and 1080p full HD videos and it has 2-axis mechanical stabilizers for smooth footage. The battery enables it to fly for around 16 minutes, which is fine for this kind of drone.

You can operate the Spark in three different ways – mobile device, hand gestures for up to 1.2 miles and dedicated hand control. It is not for professional videography but still shoots decent footage.

  1. DJI Phantom 4 Pro – For Top Quality Aerial Video

DJI Phantom 4 Pro – For Top Quality Aerial Video

Now it is a class apart on all fronts. Its aerodynamic design gives it 4-sided obstacle avoidance. This sleek birdie has additional sensors on the side and rear. In case of emergency back-to-home process, it avoids obstacles and also flies through the same route it took before. The batter has been enlarged and upgraded to fly up to 30 minutes to cover up to 4-mile limit and come back again.

With ActiveTrack feature, it will follow you when you hop on your skis. With its TapFly app button, you can send it to any direction you like and avoid any obstacle en route automatically without having to be arsed with a remote controller. Its new Sports mode lets it fly at 45mph.

DJI’s has also offered a special remote with inbuilt 5.5” display which is brighter than most mobile devices right now. Its 1” CMOS sensor can capture 4K video at exceptional 60 fps. You may also shoot 1080p full HD footage at 120fps. It is designed for some serious cinematography.

  1. Revell Control C-Me – Best Selfie and Budget Drone

Revell Control C-Me – Best Selfie and Budget Drone

Operated through an Android or iOS device, with a range of up to 20m over Wi-Fi from the operator, it is another best selfie drone after DJI Spark. At its price and size, it is the best pocket selfie drone, if you keep its plastic body aside. It can fly really well and it is simple to control with virtual controls on your device. It features GPS to keep it from drifting and it can also follow you and get back to you with one tap of your screen.

It features 8MP camera which can be angled and takes decent stills. Its 1080p footage is not too shoddy also. Any movement is transferred to the video as it lacks image stabilizer. Be sure the drone hovers in one spot before it hits the record. If you are looking for a selfie drone which is affordable and easy to fly, C-Me is the best choice.

  1. GoPro Karma – Best for Extreme Sports Fans and GoPro Gadget Lovers

GoPro Karma – Best for Extreme Sports Fans and GoPro Gadget Lovers

With battery latch bug fixed, GoPro Karma is here to take off. It is collapsible and compact with props. It’s not as small as Mavic but it is still very portable. The 3-axis front mounted gimbal accepts HERO 4 or 5 and it can produce 4K and 1080p videos.

It can fly within 3km radius but it’s more than enough for a drone. You can also remove the gimbal and camera and clip into Karma Grip for smooth ground footage. It has Quick editing software support and navigation app to steer the camera by a co-pilot when you are flying the drone.

  1. Zerotech Dobby – Another Selfie Drone with Impressive Built

Zerotech Dobby – Another Selfie Drone with Impressive Built

This well-built, folding pocket drone is the way cheaper than DJI Spark and smaller than your iPhone. To be frank, it lacks a lot of features. But Dobby can fly around 100m away from any Android or iOS device via Wi-Fi.

Simply unfold its arms, sync your device, and launch a DoFun app. Now launch it from the ground or just toss it off your hand and tap any smart flight mode – video selfie, face/target tracking, somersault, and orbit. It also works on your voice.

It can shoot in 4K but you need to turn its digital stabilization EIS off. When your turn EIS on, it crops the image to 1080p. An app cannot control the camera’s angle, you have to tilt it manually to your desired angle before it flies.

It takes 13MP pictures but you may get a lot of shutters when it comes to shooting videos as it doesn’t have a gimbal. With a small ND filter, you may fix it to some extent. All in all, Dobby is very portable but it is not a cinematic video drone. But it can take short videos and selfies.

  1. Parrot Bebop 2 FPV Pack – Drone with VR-like Controller

Parrot Bebop 2 FPV Pack

This GPS-enabled Parrot Bebop 2 is loaded with tech that makes it the way too simple to fly. It can be controlled just with an Android or Apple device for even more pleasant flight experience with Skycontroller tablet dock.

It can fly for whopping 25 minutes on a single charge and it has emergency cut-out which stops rotors when they touch any obstacle to prolong its life. It can also survive the crash. It has First Person View, a basic VR-style goggle. It is hollow headsets which can connect to any Android and iOS app. Simply slot your blower, slap the goggles to your face and feel the thrill of your first-person flight.

It also has mechanical gimbal to stabilize the digital camera to keep the image steady through its clever algorithms and you can also pan down without moving the camera. It delivers decent quality pictures, despite lacking the stability and sharpness of Mavic, Spark and Phantom 4.Bebop 4 is a hit among the casual camera-carrying drones.

  1. Nikko Air DRL Race Vision 220 FPV Pro – An FPV Toy Racer

Nikko Air DRL Race Vision 220 FPV Pro

These days, First Person View flights are too mainstream. Many speed freaks love to negotiate complex obstacles, usually under the safe range of well-monitored environment, such as well-designed drone racing hub or a disused factory.

Though this entry-level FPV toy racer won’t let you win any event, it’s still a nice bet to start if you are a beginner and want to learn flying gadgets instead competing for products. In case you crash it, the low price would save you from a big loss.

It fits a bog camera in its nose. The view it gets is transferred to the goggles to control the craft as if you are personally in the cockpit. You won’t get DJI built quality in it. But overall, it flies really well if you control it with joysticks. It may fly up to 25mph and performs aerobatic stunts for you.

The live feed on the goggles from the craft is not that good. The visuals are not that sharp and also interrupted by anomalies. Also, the LCD goggles are too large and heavy for a child. The battery can give only 5 minutes of flight time. All in all, this toy drone gives some decent thrills for less than the cost of Bebop FPV.

  1. Parrot Mambo – A Toy Drone for Casual Flights

Parrot Mambo – A Toy Drone for Casual Flights

It is another cool drone to get started but it’s a matter of stability. Download the Freeflight 3 app for Apple and Android and fly it with more accuracy using the Parrot Flypad transmitter.

Like other Mini Drones, this scamp hovers in a spot well. You can also pop it off to put the kettle on and get back to find it still in the same spot. It also has clip-on fittings to shoot tiny balls at pickup or target items.

  1. DJI Inspire 2 – Buy it for Pro-Grade Cinematography

DJI Inspire 2

DJI is too far ahead in terms of smartphone integration, drone design, easy to use, and reliability. It seems other brands are crying on their blueprints.

It is the best in the market but still lags behind due to its hefty price. But it is still the best bet for the pro cinematographers. It is made of magnesium and carbon fiber and it can fly up to 58mph thanks to its huge motors and dual battery system and it gets 27 minutes of flight time. It has retractable landing gear so pilot or another camera operator can shoot a 360-degree full panorama. It also has upward, downward, and forward obstacle avoidance so you can easily fly in demanding situations.

It has CineCore2.0 pro-spec image processor in the nose of the drone. So, only the sensor and lens are fixed to the gimbal. It creates room for simple lens swapping and it reduces weight. In short, it produces exceptional quality imagery.

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