Best VPNs That Still Work With Netflix Review And Guide

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a very valuable tool for security. It can ensure the safety of your data from anyone sneaking around the web and advertisers will find it hard to track your movement over the web. But advertisers and government snoops who want to track your activities are not the only rivals of VPNs. Netflix and other streaming services also make sure their users are not connecting to them with VPNs as well.

With the focus on ensuring control on users’ access to content, Hulu, Netflix, and other video streaming services use resources to prevent VPN users. It will block you even if you are connected to VPN server on the street. It’s a complex and annoying situation. Luckily, we’ve found some of the reputed VPN servers that will still work with your favorite streaming solution.

When we tested these VPN services with Netflix, they worked at the moment. Keep in mind that functionality may change at any moment. If Netflix streaming is your major focus, you don’t need to register for annual VPN subscription. You must choose a monthly subscription. You can have the freedom to cancel in case Netflix blocks that VPN.

About VPN

About VPN

While browsing the web, a large amount of your private data is accessed by the marketers. You are also vulnerable on open and unsafe Wi-Fi networks, especially in coffee shops, shopping malls, and other public venues.

When VPN is activated, all the web traffic is routed through the encrypted tunnel between a remote server and your computer operated by the VPN provider. It means nobody can sneak into the encrypted tunnel to keep track on your activity on the same network, not even an individual who is operating that network. Neither can an ISP.

Once your traffic reaches VPN, it is removed to the public web. In case the services or websites don’t have https, your data may be intercepted by the website and VPN service. With advertisers and law enforcement having advanced methods to keep track of the people online, it is a great step to hide your IP address behind the VPN to avoid these tracking methods.

VPNs have been used over the world by journalists and activists who are working with repressive cyber policies. VPNs can also protect dissident transmissions and unblock censored websites as well. Whether they use it every time or not, a VPN service is for everyone.

Why is Netflix against VPN?

When computers try to split your physical location on the web, they usually get it done by sneaking into your IP address. If you change your IP address with VPN, it also changes your location. When it comes to access the localized websites and content, it is vital to spoof your location. It is also handy to access geo-locked videos. These streams are open only to specific regions. For example, people in the UK can stream BBC videos for free. Unless you use VPN and appear as a UK resident by connecting to a London-based server, you are out of luck.

The same is for Netflix. It has various contents as per the location. It is all about licensing deals. For example, Game of Thrones was licensed only in Australia. Due to such licensing deals, Netflix has started blocking VPN users.

At first, it might not seem fair enough. If you are subscribed, you need to watch whatever is there. If Netflix has not paid to HBO to buy stream for the US residents to watch Game of Thrones, obviously, they will be furious if too many people don’t subscribe to HBO and start watching the show via VPN on Netflix.

If you have the right to view content, it is very annoying to be blocked from free videos. Suppose you are in the UK and you enjoy watching your favorite content on Netflix. In case you travel to the US, you cannot watch it as it is not open to the US regions. You can keep watching as if you were in England through a VPN.  Using a VPN is the best thing to do if you are on an insecure network to watch a show in the US.

Netflix vs. VPNs

Obviously, VPNs and Netflix are busy in cat-and-mouse battle. These days, a VPN may find its way to skip the obstacles created by Netflix and Netflix finds its way to remove access again tomorrow. A VPN which is working well today with Netflix is no guarantee that it will work the same tomorrow or few weeks.

So, it is better if you check and see if Netflix is working when you test VPNs. There are services that Netflix had not blocked, such as NordVPN and others. If you connect through one of these services in another country to a server, you may find different results.

You could simply use VPN by paying nothing. You may access various best free VPN services, even though most will impose some kind of limitation on usage. All free versions are not made similar. Some are just trials, while others are unlimited but with limitations.

Limitations with VPN

VPNs are considered to be the effective tools and they can secure your data between the server and the computer and it can hide your real IP address. But there are certain limitations to the protection and anonymity provided by them.

As discussed earlier, your private data is vulnerable once it is away from VPN server. VPNs are not meant as an alternative to anonymity services. Though some VPNs may claim that they block ad trackers, malware, and phishing links, they cannot get past of tools which are meant for such activities.

It is recommended to consider the security much like getting ready for winter. A coat is okay, but it is better to wear several layers to keep the cold out and heat in. for total protection, VPN is just one layer of defense. You need a solid password manager and powerful antivirus.

Speed Concern

Speed Concern

A major concern on using VPN is lack of speed. When a VPN can reroute the data from a different server, it adds physical distance to the normal path. It also passes the data through several machines and it goes through several hoops. It just slows the web connections down. It is the key to stutter audio and low-resolution streaming for video. Well, you need to go for superfast VPNs. This way, you need to choose the one which increases download speeds by connecting to the nearest and farthest VPN server.

Best VPN Services for Netflix

There are many reasons behind using a VPN. Different people have different needs. So, it is important to look for different features. There are still some free services and some fake from the tricksters.

Here, all the VPNs come from the well-established, reputed providers. They all are working well to deliver top-notch security and to provide quality customer support. In this list, another cool feature is that they provide a money-back guarantee. Ensure that the provider you go for provides all the features required by you and you can ensure money-back if you are not satisfied with their service.

Express VPN

Express VPN

It is the top-notch service which has everything for an average web user. When you subscribe for the service, you need to download a file and get it running. ExpressVPN is among the easiest apps you need to install. It takes just a few clicks to install the program and get it up and running.

Its user interface is very user-friendly and there is no technical skill required to choose the server. Simply turn it on and enter into Netflix. If something happens that is out of your mind or goes wrong, you may contact 24×7 live support. You can access Netflix Canada, US, and Germany.

Express VPN has a presence in around 94 countries and it has the largest server network in the world. It is good for those who want to surf in different countries. You can get what you pay for.

Why Do We recommend Express VPN?

Though it is the most expensive VPN listed here, you can save on cost by referring it to friends. It would recommend it to anyone who is new to technology. It has special versions for Mac, Linux, and Windows. You can also download the app on mobile devices running Android, Windows, and iOS. You can also sign up for a year. You also don’t have to risk your savings as it comes with 30-day money back guarantee.



It has the best of both TorGuard and ExpressVPN and it is also a cheaper alternative to them. It is very user-friendly and simple to install with big buttons. If you want to tinker under the hood, it will be pleased by settings and are available off the main page.

It has a message pane around the main view of the app. If you are not technically skilled, it might confuse you as you will see a lot of jargon while making a connection. But it is good for geeks.

It allows you to access the top six connections. There is no need to share a subscription with friends. You also don’t have to worry about torrent downloads if you have to contact tech support. They are based in Bulgaria but helpdesk has English speakers. The company provides 7-day money back guarantee. You can avail the support via live or email chat. The live support serves 16 hours in a day.

Why do we recommend VPNArea?

VPNArea operates in 60 nations and it has four servers to visit Netflix US and one of those can access Netflix UK from other countries. Its support team is very friendly and considers criticisms as an opportunity to grow. The company gives priority to move to 24×7 live support.



TorGuard can beat all the competition when it comes to Netflix. The only reason it failed to make it to the top is that the app is not as simple to use and install as Express VPN. Things get little technical when it comes to buy the service as you have to get a dedicated IP as an additional server to access Netflix. Standard VPN has a block of IP.

They allocate a different IP to your computer every time you enter. So, the proxy detection algorithm of Netflix cannot detect your address when you log in and traffic enters the server. It is known as shared IP service and it runs into conflicts with access to Netflix as the server flags every IP address it passes through. So, the IP you got for a session might be banned already.

On the other side, a VPN provider acquires an address just for you with dedicated IP service. So, every time you open Netflix, you enter the same IP. TorGuard is smartly driven by tech specialists instead of marketers. The app is not that designed well for a look and feel, but it works like a charm. You might struggle a bit to install VPN.

Why do we recommend TorGuard?

The dedicated TorGard IP service can provide you access to plenty of streaming services over the world, along with Netflix, such as HBO GO, ABC GO, Amazon, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, HBO NOW. TorGuard has servers in over 42 nations across the world. You can still use shared IP even after opting for the dedicated IP which connects to the servers in other areas. TorGuard has servers in over 42 nations across the world, so you can get Netflix for Canada, US, UK, Italy, Japan, Germany, Australia, Finland, and France.

Vypr VPN

Vypr VPN

It is much similar to VPNArea. Both are very simple to use and install but they include extra settings for only technically skilled users. It uses OpenVPN by default as it provides high security and an industry standard. It is based in Hungary and it is superb as copyright holders have been getting strident over the last few years.

The legal teams of VyprVPN are not opposed to the owners of torrent sites and allow IP address of everyone. VyprVPN doesn’t keep any log and their location adds another barrier to the lawyers in the US. Since the basic deal has lower encryption support, it is recommended to go with a premium package. VPN can get into Netflix US only for now.

Why do we recommend VyprVPN?

It has got its prices down recently and the service is still costly as compared to Nord VPN, VPN Area, and Torgard. The premium package includes cloud storage. It also protects premium users by its cloaking algorithm, known as Chameleon.



Based in Panama, NordVPN keeps no logs and provides total protection against any risk of Netflix prosecution. You can access Netflix US, France, Canada, and India. You can get around 6 connections and account sharing. You can download on P2P networks happily. Customer support operators are fast and it works as ExpressVPN and their staff is also knowledgeable.

Its NordVPN app also shows all the server location. It has a settings menu, control panel, and server list available as overlays on the PC version and as sideswipes on devices. The app is also very user-friendly. You can change settings to use different protocols. But you should stick to the default OpenVPN.

If you want to access Netflix France or India, the service is favorable. But it is a bit slower service than the rest. It has a special offer for you to make it super cheap. You can get a huge discount by signing up for a 2-year long subscription.

Why did we recommend NordVPN?

After VPNArea, it is another cheapest VPN in this list. The server network is a bit smaller than the server of VyprVPN, ExpressVPN, and VPNArea. It covers more countries as compared to TorGuard. It manages in 57 countries and over 784 servers. Its double-hop VPN plan ensures double security for the connections. It also offers a money back guarantee for 30 days on all subscriptions.


Always choose the VPN which can successfully mask its traffic through the ISP and when communicating with Netflix. The VPN should also deal with the redirection system which is the first line of defense by the company. The tough VPN detection of the company lies in the wait in video delivery. Be sure to differentiate between the access to Netflix website, which can be achieved by almost all VPNs and evasion of proxy detection system by Netflix.

Each VPN’s status may change anytime. So, be sure to check the time of report you see which says a specific VPN can get you in. the above list may help you to choose the best VPN that can get you in the Netflix. These listed services have been tried and tested and we ensure that they can do the job well. If you are looking for a VPN to try with Netflix or want to secure your online activities against the hackers and spammers, choose one of these VPNs for better security and uninterrupted entertainment without any limitations.

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