Top 10 Copper Accessories to Elevate Your Kitchen and Make it Insta-Worthy

Metal literally plays a very vital role in both fashion and home design. It is a glittering yet neutral element to match any of your color designs. It also adds statement and finishes to your living space. Though silver and gold are the first metals that come to mind, copper is another metal which adds grace to your home décor. It is the design trend you can spend on without any fear as copper is timeless.

Copper is pretty much subtle and more subdued as compared to gold. In design and fashion, gold has been the main hue over the past couple of years. But copper has the same charm with more rustic charm. Here are few of the best copper accessories that can elevate your kitchen and make it your next Instagram inspiration.

  1. Elevate Knives Carousel Set

Elevate Knives Carousel Set

JosephJoseph presents a unique rotating knife block with magnetic knife slots and non-slip base which can hold knives well in place. It comes with an innovative design so you can store the knife in any slot, despite their blade length. You can easily use it under the cabinet. You can pull the knives from a block at any angle. It is a set which includes 6 knives – 5” serrated knife, 4” paring knife, 5.5” Santoku knife, 8”serrated bread knife, 6.5” Chef’s knife, and 8” carving knife.

  1. OTOTO Spaceship Potato Masher

OTOTO Spaceship Potato Masher

Image Via Gadget Flow
Want to enjoy your dinner or lunch which is out of this world? OTOTO Space Ship masher is a handheld device which is complemented with an animated spaceship rather than a handle. You can easily make an animated exhaust trail when you put it down to the bottom. It has exhaust cloud at the bottom just like when NASA’s spaceship takes off. This cloud serves as a masher. Its unusual shape breaks down anything like potatoes which can be mashed. The spaceship part is ergonomically designed and is made of quality plastic. It comes as a red spaceship to wrap around.

  1. Revol Froisses Espresso Crumpled Tumbler

Revol Froisses Espresso Crumpled Tumbler

  1. Image Via The Cook’s Warehouse

Revel Froisses Espresso crumpled tumbler is designed to make your day more fun and quirky. It is designed like a plastic cup which is crumpled. But this is made of porcelain material which adds realistic look with ceramic. It is best suited for coffee or soup as its capacity is 100ml.

The size of this accessory is best for espresso. It is both dishwasher and oven safe. It comes in different colors and a perfect add-on to your breakfast routine. Your guests will definitely get surprised once they pick it up as it has got very realistic plastic cup design.

  1. Slice & Sharpen Wood Cutting Board

Slice & Sharpen Wood Cutting Board

Image Via

It is another kitchen accessory from JosephJoseph to expedite your cooking experience. It has beautiful cutting area and built-in knife sharpener. It has ceramic sharpener which supports different types of knives to restore their cutting edge. The Slice&Sharpen comes in both large and small sizes. It has rubber stabilizers on the sides to ensure safety. All you need to place it on its side and glide the knife along the sharpener. The blade quality can be improved easily. In addition, the sharpener is placed on the handle and it protects your hands well.

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  1. B&Y Non-Stick Cupcake Tin

B&Y Non-Stick Cupcake Tin

Image Via Gadget Flow

It is your best choice to prepare a variety of food and it produces unique designs with its heavy-duty metal. The pan can be suited for six dishes and it has three designs in total. It is the best bet for ice cream, molded gelatin, and mousse and food cakes and cupcakes. It has a sleek metal which promotes even heat transfer and it can disperse well through the baked items. Every time, it promotes precise cooking. It has a great non-stick coating to remove desserts once they are prepared. It is the best choice for everyone.

  1. Swanky Floating Ladle

Swanky Floating Ladle

Image Via Bored Panda

This Swanky Floating ladle will keep all your spoons in one place. It has great balance to stay upright even in liquids. The handle has elegant neck and swan. It adds more grip and dexterity when it comes to serving. All you need to pick the ladle, scoop up some of the exciting dishes and serve. It comes in different color options like black, pink, and white and it gets the best finishing touch to any dishes. It stays over the food to avoid a mess. It has a durable plastic body and it can hold up any chunkiest item.

  1. LEVO Oil Infuser

LEVO Oil Infuser

Image Via

It can definitely add great taste to your life. It can easily automate the tedious process as it sits right on the countertop and you can easily infuse the flavors and oils you like. You can easily avoid the mess and get it right instead spending right. All you need to please the oil you like or butter in the device, enjoy your quality product and add your desired flavors at home.

You can rest assured with healthy results as you know at least what gets in the machine. LEVO is the best choice for baking, cooking, and also to create great products for both you and your family. It is also very easy to clean up. All you need to remove the pot from a device and put it in a dishwasher.

  1. The Kitchen Safe

The Kitchen Safe

Image Via

Finally, here comes a clever solution as it can control your extra calorie intake by setting the timer. It is a perfect kit for your storage and you can easily lock cookies and cupcakes in with a timer to keep your food safe. It can easily keep your friends and siblings from stealing your snacks without your information. This is the great magic behind this food safe.

  1. Nordic Ware Egg Waffle Pan

Nordic Ware Egg Waffle Pan

Image Via The Green Head

It has been a great staple for your breakfast. This waffle pan from Williams-Sonoma was traditionally limited to the streets of Hong Kong. Now you can use it at the comfort of your home to enjoy doughy and lip-smacking treats of egg waffles.

Egg-shaped waffles are golden and crisp from outside and creamy and sticky from the inside. The waffle pan is made of cast aluminum which is heavy duty metal that can provide lifelong service and even heat distribution to get same shade across the egg waffles. It has rugged stainless steel handles with non-stick pan surface that releases the whole waffle. The two halves can be separated with hinge and it is also easy to clean up.

  1. Cakedozer Cake Server

Cakedozer Cake Server

Image Via The Green Head

This instrument makes it easy to bake your favorite cake. It comes in yellow and grey colors and it combines the timeless design with clever technology to push the cake from the server to your plate.

All you need to slide the server under the slice take it to your area and use a lever on the handle to make the whole piece to your dish. It is a heavy duty gadget and can manage almost any dish from a pie to birthday cake and apple pie. It is more than just for cakes. You can easily use to serve yummy apple pies, pizza, tarts, etc.

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