Top 10 Education Websites to Learn Anything Without Schooling

To perceive, believe and achieve dreams, every student is looking for the best education in life. But the problem here is that higher education costs more. Most reputed institutions charge higher fees. Unfortunately, students end up with incomplete education and remain underemployed to survive and earn their daily bread. Some students also sum up some money for their higher education. Not every student is lucky enough to seek scholarships and afford higher education.

But in this day and age where we can access everything from the web, you don’t have to bear expensive courses fees on institutions. You can easily grab your required knowledge simply by entering online classes. Online classes are arranged well and are affordable for working professionals. What else an aspirant needs when they can achieve free online classes at the comfort of their home?

Most websites have resourceful study materials and free online classes. These websites are loaded with video tutorials, notes, and podcasts and also conduct assessment tests from time to time. It is beneficial for both teachers and students as they have a free flow of knowledge.

It is commonly believed that online education is waste as job market is based more on skills instead of degrees. Today, your knowledge matters more than your degree. You can easily lean virtually everything and anything from the web. The key here is to get reliable information. These days, companies recruit their candidates according to their problem-solving skills and knowledge, instead of their degrees and grades. They need well-formed minds, not well-filled minds. In this post, we have listed some of the most helpful educational websites you should bookmark to learn anything you want.


Founded by MIT and Harvard University in 2012, EDX is the first choice for students to learn something. EDX is a MOOC and online learning provider which offer top-quality courses that are brought from the best institutions and universities in the world. It features leading rankers in the world from 90 universities.

  1. Academic Earth (

Academic Earth (

In this website, you can find a wide range of academic options from modern to traditional studies. Here, you can opt for online courses, i.e. from economics to accounting, and from engineering to niche subjects like behavioral psychology. You can find a huge range of study materials here.

It has a huge collection of materials from several recognized and reputed colleges, including Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Oxford, and Stanford University.  The website also has podcasts and videos by considering the level of interest of applicants.


With over 2000 students, Big Think has achieved huge fame in the world. The experts at Big Think record tutorials and write notes for students and content are later reviewed by the website’s editorial team to ensure every student to get the authentic material. Students can get the most of this website with their unique ideology. Here, you can find a lot of opinions on subjects. You can also access expert’s opinion as well.


Internet Archive has the collection of authentic books which are stored in several leading websites. For example, you can access the collection of free books from American libraries attached to the websites of college libraries. Here, you can access knowledge for free. But you cannot get certificates for your learning.


The moment you open this site, it is true that you will end up with a whole range of courses for every topic you like. This website is very easy to navigate. You can even get electronic Course Certificate from several leading universities that you can share. Some of the courses also have public-reviewed and auto-graded assignments, video lectures, and community discussion forums. You can get the certificate when you complete the course on this website.

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Unlike other learning websites, you can also get skill-based and academic learning. You may either go for the material which is being offered or you can enroll yourself in one of the 58 available courses. There are three main options in this website – courses, education materials, and documentaries. There are also two sections for subjects – academic and extra-curricular.


This site has been used by many scholars in high school as a reference. It is a very innovative reference site that can easily resolve your learning issues.  At the same time, students also have a problem in comprehending the technical terms which are very confusing. Hence, a website makes it easy to understand textbooks for students.

From mathematics to science, history and any other subject, anyone can seek help in different subjects. In general, entrance exams have also made easier for students and this problem can be solved in this website. The topics are arranged in an easy way and structure is very clear for competitive exams.


For all subjects, is the collection of everything you like. You can find the collection which is so huge like no other. To make it easier to find anything in such a huge crowd, the site works in a way that you can use common keywords like ‘how’ to search for anything.

  1. The Futures Channel

The Futures Channel

Well, is more than just an online portal. For learners, it is a complete educational channel. It just represents huge data to resolve the issues among students. For example, if you have a lot of doubts in algebra, you can find a special section for it.


Students who are unable to afford a hefty coaching fee or don’t have time to join regular coaching, they may join Khan Academy. This online coaching portal is a win-win for students. They can access library to learn anything on their own and also review their progress report in a customized dashboard.

You can learn all the school and academic subjects like science, math, history, programming, arts, commerce, etc. In addition, you can learn lessons in different subjects and access educational content in 36 languages. Khan Academy has extended its content by partnering with the Museum of Modern Art, NASA, MIT, and the California Academy of Sciences.

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