Top 10 Most Influential Leaders in Tech Right Now

When determining power in the tech world, we have listed top 10 most influential leaders who rule the roost. We have considered many leaders from different industries and narrowed down the list of top influential tech leaders we all must know –

1. Satya Nadela

Satya Nadela

Since Satya Nadela became CEO of Microsoft in 2014, he launched another move, Windows 10, which positions Microsoft as a platform-driven giant, allowed users to feel the magic of OS across devices. He has planned to make Windows platform neutral. It is the most important change to the business model of Microsoft. Instead, it’s offerings centered on OS, his Windows-as-a-Service will lead to a unique process at Microsoft into the future.

2. Jony Ive

Jony Ive

The mastermind behind Apple Watch, Jony Ive is praised across the world for its world-class design and is widely regarded as Smartwatch leader. The sector awareness and hype generated by Apple Watch means that the designs of him will be the benchmark for what future consumer expects.

3. Min-Liang Tan

Min-Liang Tan

Min-Liang Tan is the CEO of Razer, a gaming giant. However, he is also the co-founder and its creative director. So, he is responsible for the trajectory of the company. He is the founder member of Open Source Virtual Reality (OSVR) and a VR enthusiast. He has been instrumental in delivering a common standard on which he is going to design VR programs.

4. Travis Kalanick

Travis Kalanick

He is the CEO and co-founder of Uber, the on-demand cab service provider. The company is reportedly looking for $50 billion of valuation. But there have been barriers, such as pushback from legislators. Kalanick has been bullish on the mission of his company. As the challenges to the business model keep on going, the vocal defense of Kalanick’s company will be important to ensure that Uber will not be quashed by unfriendly legislation and unsettled firms.

5. Reed Hastings

Reed Hastings

Netflix is the most well-known streaming service across the world with around 60 million subscribers. Hastings is the co-founder and CEO of Netflix. The company has created the most awaited original series under his leadership, such as Orange Is the New Black and House of Cards. He added that the company will deliver up to 320 hours of more original content this year than in 2014.

6. Jack Ma

Jack Ma

He is the CEO and co-founder of Alibaba, one of the most successful e-commerce portals in the world. But Jack Ma has more plans to grow. He added that Alibaba will launch its own smartphone OS to further expand its services.

7. Paul Eremenko

Paul Eremenko

He is the mastermind behind Ara, a Google’s project aimed to develop a fully customizable, modular smartphone where parts can be swapped out and in, i.e. from concept to pilot stage.

8. Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos

Since Amazon entered into the online market in 1994, Bezos transformed the company and made it a powerhouse by pursuing growth over profits aggressively and pushing it to enter into new sectors and develop more initiatives, including endless eBook access and original TV content.

9. Elon Musk

Elon Musk

He is the chairman, co-founder, and CEO of Tesla Motors. Tesla has been focusing on electric cars. It announced Powerwall and Powerpack batteries to offer some of the best solutions for homeowners who are planning to store enough energy generated by solar cells. Though they are too costly for most people, Musk is planning to change it.

10. Lei Jun

Lei Jun

Lei Jun is the co-founder and CEO of Xiaomi, the third-largest smartphone distributor in the world. He rose to popularity for designing top-quality smartphones at low margins. He has developed a lot of new products, such as a tablet, wearable gadget, and smart TV.

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