Lebara Netherlands 35-Euro Unlimited Bundle Codes

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Lebara Netherlands 35-Euro Bundle Codes

Here I’m going to mention a great, classic and the most effective plan of Lebara Netherlands in 35-Euro for their buyers. This amazing and solid bundle will provide you the best and cost-effective plan that will keep you in connection with your loved ones. I would like to recommend this plan for those who wish to connect internationally it provides call minutes, data and many other incentives. I have mentioned Lebara Netherlands Bundle all packs with their information below in the below table.

Lebara NL €5, €10, €15, €20, €25, €30 And €35 Bundle Codes

Here we provide all the information in one table you can choose your desired packs according to your budget.

Package Name Price
500 MB Data Bundle (4G) Text 1300 send to 8800
1GB Data Bundle (4G) Text 1301 send to 8800
All in NL €10 Text 1000 send to 8800
All in NL €15 Text 1001 send to 8800
All in International 15 Text 1100 send to 8800
3GB Data Bundle (4G) Text 1400 send to 8800
All In International 20 Text 1201 send to 8800
5 GB Data Bundle (4G) Text 1302 to 8800
All in NL €20 Text 1002 to 8800
All In International 30 Text 1200 send to 8800
All in NL €30 Text 1003 send to 8800
All In International 35 Text 1202 send to 8800

Frequently Asked Questions

Call 5588, and Lebara will assist you.
Yes, Lebara Netherlands also provides its customers with € 5 plan “500 MB Data Bundle (4G)”. This supermini plan is good.
Lebara gives its customers the two most straightforward ways of checking balance. First, you can know it quickly by your MY Lebara App. Or you can also check it rapidly by just pressing *100#.
You can quickly check your number by dialling *000#, and Lebara will display your number on your phone’s screen. Lebara also prints your number behind your sim pack, and you can also check from there.
You can easily top up your Lebara NL number by voicemail. To top up your Lebara number through voicemail, call 5588 and then follow the instructions on the screen
All In International 35’, this Lebara Mobile Netherlands plan is going to be the favorite of those who want overall enactments at the cheapest rate. It includes more internet data, more national and multi-national call minutes, and national text.
These both € 30 ‘All In International 30’ and ‘All in NL €30’ are foremost, neat, handy, and the most profitable commuting packs. They provide you with overall incentives at the lowest price. These excellent offers will give you unlimited national and international Flexi call minutes, national texts, and Lebara to Lebara enactments! You should not miss these fantastic offers, and you must subscribe to them.

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