What Should I Do When I Face Lycamobile Network Problem [Solved]

If you are using lycamobile and facing network problem then you are the right place your problem will solve here. You just take your SIM out and insert it back and make sure that your SIM is fit in the slot.
Then annually solve the Lycamobile Network problem by following the below steps.

Lycamobile Network Problem (Steps)

  • Find an option named Lycamobile service or Lyca service on your phone. This option is likely to found in the setting under ‘Tools’, SIM or among the apps.
  • As you find Lycamobile service from setting Select Lycamobile>Mode>Mannual>National.
  • After Selecting ‘National,’ your phone will be returned to a previous page or it will start the manual network search by itself.
  • By Doing this, Reset your phone without taking the SIM out and then start the Manual Search Again.
  • Once you are manually connected, Restart your phone immediately.
  • If after several attempts the above method is not working then you have to check the SIM card’s Surface for scratches or cracks. If your SIM is damaged then you have to go to the nearest retail point to buy the new chip.

I am not getting complete converge in a few places

Network Coverage basically depends on the location and our network partners. Here we request you to keep trying yourself if the problem still not resolve. Then report to the Customer Service department at “122” from your Lycamobile number.

My Phone Shows Emergency Calls only Solved

Kindly restart your lycamobile and select the network manually, you may choose Lycamobile or Telstra.

My SIM seems to be damaged and I am not able to latch on to a network

If your SIM is Damaged Then kindly Visit our near Customer Care Franchise to buy a brand new activated Lycamobile SIM and PUK number.
We will help you to transfer your old number to your new SIM number within 8 to 12 hours.
After Lycamobile solved you can also view the solution of some common problems in FAQs


Lycamobile is the system to pick in the event that you intend to make a great deal of global calls. It's likewise a solid decision on the off chance that you simply would prefer not to be integrated with an agreement for long or need boundless information (yet at low speeds past 9GB)
Quest for the alternative of "Lyca/Lycamobile benefits on your telephone that might be found on "Settings," "Sim," "Instruments," or some other spot among your "Applications." Keep following this, at that point without taking your sim out, reset your telephone and afterward start the Manual system search once more. In conclusion, restart your telephone
Universal MVNO Lycamobile has propelled what it calls "boundless" 4G portable information however there is a trick. After the principal 10GB of information, the speed drops to 2G rates of 128kbps. ... The Lyca bargain isn't the main 4G MVNO bargain for O2, as Tesco Mobile likewise offers 4G, however offering "boundless" information is bizarre
Lycamobile approaches T-Mobile VoLTE approaching each opened conventional (non-marked) telephone that underpins VoLTE.
Since the SIM isn't working in your handset while different SIMs do, it may be an issue with your handset supplier; or the cell phone could be bolted to just acknowledge SIM cards from a specific specialist co-op. Mercifully contact the handset vendor for additional.
1. ap the Menu button. 2. Tap Settings. 3. Tap Wireless and networks or More. 4. Tap Mobile Networks. 5. Tap Access point names. 6. Tap the Menu button. 7. Tap New APN. 8. Name - Lycamobile Internet. APN - Username - lmuk. Password - plus
00 44 20 7132 0322
Free calls from Lycamobile to Lycamobile After FREE minutes calls & SMS will be charged at the standard tariff based on the customer tariff plan.


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