Lycamobile SIM Not Working What Should I do? [Solved]

Lycamobile is one of the fastest service provider networks that provide unlimited offers at a very cheap price. But sometime this fastest network SIM does not work properly this is due to some reasons.

Symptoms Of Lycamobile Network Issue

  • You might not get signals
  • You might be watching no service or emergency calls only statement on your screen.
These are two basic symptoms that include in the Lycamobile network problem. We have mentioned all its solutions and the reason why this happening.

Reasons Why Lycamoibile SIM is Not Working:

The reason for this problem includes several factors. They can be categorized into two types.
  • The Internal Factors
  • The External Factors

Lycamobile SIM Not Working Step by Step Guide

Solution For Lycamobile SIM Not Working

Internal Factors

In internal factors’ sim is not working because of the network’s condition or of their services.
You have to follow the step to connect with the Lycamobile network manually.
For this,
  • Search the option “Lyca/Lycamobile” service on your phone. That may be found in your phone setting, SIM, Tool or any other place among your apps.
  • Now you go to Lycamobile>Mode>Manual>National
  • As you choose the “National” option your phone will starting the manual network search automatically or will return to the previous page.
  • Keep Following this then without taking your sim out, Reset your phone as soon as possible and then start the Manual network search again.
  • Restart your phone.

External Factors

External factors include the problems physically it may be with your device or your SIM.
Firstly make sure that your SIM is not scratched, broken, or damaged. if it is then you have to fix it immediately. you can fix it by visiting the nearest Customer care franchise to bought a new sim.
Secondly, some dust may cause network interception. To get rid of this issue you just focus on these steps.
  • Turn your mobile phone off
  • Take out your mobile phone battery out
  • Clean the dust with a soft and clean cloth
  • Put the battery back and turn on your mobile phone without the SIM card.
  • Now again turn off your phone and put the SIM in the slot and replace the battery and turn your mobile phone on.
Thirdly make sure you are not at the place where Lycamobiel service is not reachable like mountains, Jungles or sea.
Even after taking all the steps, your sim is not working. Then try to take it to the nearest Lyca store to fix the issue.

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