QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Smart Headphones Review

Bose QuietComfort 35 II is a noise-canceling, wireless headphone which sounds, looks and performs just like the previous versions. But the new “Action” button on the left cup is another addition which connects you to Google Assistant without even touching your device. QC 35 II comes in silver and black. It would be the first ever headphone to come with Google Assistant integration.

Here comes the better news – there is no need to touch Action button to use Google Assistant. Thanks to Bose Connect app, you can map Action button instead to noise-cancellation levels. You may toggle between High, Low and off with each press. It also allows you to adjust settings of noise canceling in the app itself. It’s a very important feature if you are sensitive to light pressure and want to use active noise cancellation.

Well, everything else remains the same, if a new button is kept aside.  QC 35 comes with same world-class noise canceling, comfort fit, same controls on the right ear, and the same access to iPhone’s Siri, and same 20 hours of battery life in wireless mode by turning noise canceling on. Even if the battery runs out, you can keep enjoying your favorite tracks on this headphone by plugging in the cord (in passive mode), though it now sounds excellent but good enough.

Excellent Sound as a Bluetooth Headset

Excellent Sound as a Bluetooth Headset

No matter whatever is thrown at it, Bose is like a boss of sound devices. It turns everything into a pleasant, smooth sound which is virtually well balanced with a lot of punch on the bass. As a Bluetooth headphone, it sounds literal very well. Though Sony comes with more open, clearer sound, Quiet Comfort 35 has no comparison. According to some reviewers, the sound felt less active and Bass quality was less deep than in MDR-1000X.

But you should still keep in mind that it eliminates crowd, wind noise and all ambient sounds when you use it as a headset, so you can hear better. Another best feature in QC 35 II as a headset is that you won’t expand your voice and you can hear it in the headphones.

What about Google Assistant Integration?

The direct Google Assistant integration is literally a game changer in this gadget. I am not sure how much it would change the game after using it for a week. The whole new voice assistant feature is another thing that most people would love and use it frequently, while others may never bother using its previous version. It has its own limitations and quirks. But it is still evolving like Alexa voice assistant from Amazon and will learn new skills and get better with time.

If you have original QC35 already, it’s not important to upgrade to this model just for Google Assistant. But this new add-on gives the best noise ccanceling The sound and performance are still the same but Bose still keeps pace with Beats and Sony. I personally rated Bose a bit higher as it is not all about the sound. It worked better in making calls as a headset.

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