10 Best Tech Jobs in America Right Now

To be landed at the best job position, there is no need to look completely at the tech sector. In 2019, tech jobs again ruled Glassdoor’s top 50 best jobs in America report. It means you don’t have to look for a technology company for tech jobs.

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According to Dr. Andrew Chamberlain, chief economist, Glassdoor, various companies in industries like healthcare, retail, and finance, are hiring employees for these positions. With a web presence, mobile app, or digitized data, all organizations are looking to fill job positions like software engineers, data scientists, and mobile developers.

Glassdoor’s list covers the careers with highest job score determined by covering three major factors – job satisfaction rating, earning potential (median base annual salary), and a number of openings. This report covers the best jobs which are staying ahead of emerging trends for workplace automation. According to him, creativity, flexibility, and judgment are the major skills helping employees to stay ahead in automation. Here are the top 10 job positions out of 50 best jobs in America according to Glassdoor.

  1. Data Scientist

Data Scientist

Job Satisfaction Rating – 4.4

Overall Job Score – 4.8

Total Job Openings – 4184

Average Base Pay – $110,000

Data scientist ranks first across all industries, according to the total job openings with staff highlights on career opportunities and earning potential. Over 1700 jobs listed in the position, with average base pay of $116,840. These days, companies have large data sets which need skills in Hadoop and other distributed systems.

  1. DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineer

Job Satisfaction Rating – 4.2

Overall Job Score – 4.7

Total Job Openings – 2725

Average Base Pay – $110,000

A DevOps Engineer is responsible to work with software engineers to streamline and automate the systems, maintain and build deployment tools, and troubleshoot and fix issues in testing, development, and production.

  1. Data Engineer

Data Engineer

Job Score – 4.7

Job Satisfaction Rating – 4.3

Total Job Openings – 2599

Average Base Pay – $106,000

With a huge number of data sources, data engineers are in huge demand by the companies to put all the pieces alike. Data engineers are responsible to manage, develop, evaluate and test big data solutions in an organization.

  1. Database Administration

Database Administration

Job Score – 4.5

Job Satisfaction Rating – 3.8

Total Job Openings – 2877

Average Base pay – $93000

Database Administrators are engaged in all sorts of integrity, performance, and security of data storage and databases of an organization. They may also be involved in building, designing and deploying latest data storage solutions.

  1. UX Designer

UX Designer

Job Score – 4.4

Job Satisfaction Rating – 4.0

Job Openings – 1691

Avg. Base Pay – $92,500

User Experience designers are engaged in determining the overall user experience on a product. Their job is to determine the underlying needs and sentiments of the user and help in implementation and design of the products to meet such needs.

  1. Solutions Architect

Solutions Architect

Job Score – 4.4

Job Openings – 2232

Job Satisfaction Rating – 3.7

Avg. Base Pay – $125,000

Solution architects are responsible to take requirements and translate such needs into products. They describe the products through design and architecture.

  1. Software Engineer

Software Engineer

Job Score – 4.3

Job Openings – 17,085

Job Satisfaction Rating – 3.5

Avg. Base pay – $101,000

They are engaged in the overall lifecycle of both new and current software, from design and research to maintenance, implementation, and support.

  1. Quality Assurance Manager

Quality Assurance Manager

Job Score – 4.3

Job Openings – 2531

Job Satisfaction Rating – 3.7

Avg. Base Pay – $92000

Even though the actual duties of QA manager vary from industry to industry, they are usually responsible for enforcing and developing in-house QA processes and standards in an organization.

  1. Mobile Developer

Mobile Developer

Job Score: 4.3

Job satisfaction rating: 3.7

Job Openings: 2,130

Avg. base pay: $85,000

They are responsible for managing the whole lifecycle of new and existing mobile apps and device software, from design and research to maintenance, implementation, and support.

  1. Systems Administrator

Systems Administrator

Job Score – 4.2

Job Satisfaction Rating – 3.7

Job Openings – 4046

Avg. Base Salary – $68000

Sysadmins or system administrators are engaged in all aspects of installation, provisioning, and configuration, security, operation, and maintenance of software and hardware infrastructure.

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