7 Tech Jobs to Witness Huge Demand in IT Sector by 2020

The shortage of staff in telecom and IT sector is an indication that more automation and latest technology are about to come. IT pros are anxious about their skills getting outdated. The constant evolution in the job market will lead to creating new job opportunities. New job roles have been created with the adoption of Artificial Intelligence and automation tools for professionals. The existing job trend introduces new roles to be considered for ‘white collar’ employees.

1. AI Research Scientists

Data Scientists

The research-based job role needs professionals to manage and study the AI project lifecycle. An AI research scientist will help top MNCs in adopting and prototyping the AIconcepts in different sectors.

2. Computer Vision Engineering

. Computer Vision Engineering

In this field, the professional is responsible to deal with the way a computer is made for top-level understanding from videos or image. It is just like an automation of tasks that human visuals can conduct. In this interdisciplinary field, the expertise will help engineers to be trained for jobs in vision engineering.

3. VFX Artist

. VFX Artist

The technological know-how of using animation and multimedia tools can be helpful to train for the post of VFX artists. The professional should create animation and special effects to comply with the norms of modern video production.

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4. Data Architect

Data Architect

A data architect assists software analysts and designers for complicated databases. Architects should work on database technology to be adopted by hundreds and thousands of users.

5. Wireless Network Specialist

Wireless Network Specialist

Here the professional should optimize the wireless LAN network of the company and various wireless technologies. They should have the know-how and technical expertise in wireless switching, security, and routing.

6. Data Scientists

Data Scientists

Here, the professionals should uncover meaning from data and interpret. They should be well versed in advanced technologies like machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, and robotics to work on data. A data scientist should have a deep insight of methods and tools from statistics and machine learning.

7. Embedded System Programmer

Embedded System Programmer

Traditional technologies are evolving with the technological evolution. Here, embedded system programmer should work on embedded machines like printers, ATMs, calculators, smartphones, gaming consoles, IoT hardware, and thermostats.

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